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Cast List for The King and I

Captain Orton—Sam Kempf
Louis Leonowens—Linus Babcock | Understudy—Jonah Hutchinson
Anna Leonowens—Carrie Sayer | Understudy—Rebecca Timmons
The Interpreter—Alex Duncan
The Kralahome—Richard Danner
The King—Leo Babcock
Phra Alack—Adam Doletzky
Lun Tha—Antonio Argiero
Tuptim—Kennedy Shuck
Lady Thiang—Rebecca Timmons | Understudy—Lisa Lee
Prince Chulalongkorn—Alex Schwartz
Sir Edward Ramsay—Will Meurer
Princess Ying Yaowalak—(Twins) Ella Song | Princess Yang Yaowalak—Ellie Kim

Princes and Princesses:

Alana Bilakos, Alexandra Bilakos, Spencer Briggs, Emma Hutchinson, Jonah Hutchinson, Abbie Kempf, Megan Kempf, Addison Kim, Ellie Kim, Abby Lee, Hannah McComas, Audrey McMichael, Lydia McMichael, Logan Sayer, Paige Sayer, Ella Song, Emelia Song, Mia Stewart


Alexis Benson, Cassie Bergen, Abigail Briggs, Cassidy Christy, Alex Duncan, Bethany Hansen, Breanna Kempf, Samantha Kempf, Rosie Khafl, Lisa Lee, Madison Merlanti, Allie Reynolds, Alyssa Rittinger, Aliza Treber, Madeline Treber, Zoe Zuidveld

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Troup:

Eliza—Madeline Treber  
Eva—Abby Lee
Topsy—Emma Hutchinson
Simon of Legree—Aliza Treber
Uncle Thomas—Cassie Bergen
Angel/George—Alexis Benson
Alexandra Bilakos, Megan Kempf, Addison Kim, Hannah McComas, Mia Stewart

Men Chorus:

Adam Doletzky, Thomas Eakin, Arjun Nagpal

No Call Backs for The King and I

No call backs for Thursday, April 3. The cast list will be e-mailed or posted on the web site no later that Friday, April 4 by noon. Thanks to all who tried out.

BJ and Lisa