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Hairspray Auditions Update

posted: March 23, 2017

A Note from the Director:

WOW! have we had some amazing auditions! We have seen over 50 individuals and your talent and enthusiasm for this show is apparent. I know you are all anxiously waiting for a call back list and ultimately a cast list but we need YOUR HELP!
Although our audition turn out was great there are still some casting areas that we have got to be able to identify and so far we haven’t been able to fill. If each of you would help us but reaching out to your friends, coworkers, neighbors, class friends we would appreciate it. If we can’t find the cast we need, the show will be in jeopardy and no one wants that to happen! So EVERYONE call a friend!!!
Our solution: to hold one more audition day on MONDAY, APRIL 3 at 7pm. Location: TBD (WILL POST SHORTLY). We have seen amazing “Corny Kids” but not nearly enough boys to dance with them! (the more boys we have the more girls get roles!) We have also seen some outstanding auditions for some of the African American roles but “Negro Day” needs more black students! (both boys and girls) and don’t forget about the role of Little Inez (10-13 years old)!!
Finally, all these crazy kids need some “mature adults” to help them in the show. Can you help us with these roles as well?
This show is amazing and your talent is outstanding! Help us to cast this show. Let’s round out this cast on MONDAY, APRIL 3 with the diversity we need to tell this fantastic story. Thank you for your help and your talents…Let’s Do This!!
Callbacks if required will be held on April 5th. Video auditions will be accepted if we have people who cannot make it on the 3rd.

—Lisa Merte

Cast List for The Fantasticks

posted: February 22, 2017

Thank you to everyone who came out to audition for The Fantasticks! The cast list is as follows:

El Gallo….....Brandon Waldenmayer
Luisa…........Kyra Pazan
Matt….........Wynton Doty
Hucklebee…....B.J. Danner
Bellomy…......Abby Briggs
Henry…........Brandon Cave
Mortimer….....Elizabeth Vanover
Mute….........Chris Joseph