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Into the Woods Cast List

posted: August 22, 2017

Note from the Director and Music Director:

Thank you each and every person that auditioned for DCP’s production of Into the Woods! We saw lots of great talent both in person and in the video submissions. Callbacks will not be needed as we were able to Cast the show after evening two of auditions.

The following is the casting for this production. If your name is not listed, we are very sorry that we were not able to cast you in this production, but please consider auditioning for the coming DCP shows this season! If you were cast and do not accept the listed part, please send an email to as soon as possible.

Again, thank you all for auditioning.


  • Narrator: Bj Danner
  • Cinderella: Kalli Allen
  • Baker: Connor Rhoades
  • Baker’s Wife: Riley Conlon
  • Jack: Aaron Greunke
  • Little Red Riding Hood: Madison Wiley
  • Jack’s Mother: Kimberly Lock
  • Stepmother: Abby Briggs
  • Florinda: Sara Long
  • Lucinda: Morgan Gratwick
  • The Witch: Keshia Oliver
  • Rapunzel: Megan Smania
  • Cinderella’s Prince: Kyle Kimlick
  • Rapunzel’s Prince: Joseph Straub
  • Granny: Samantha Kempf
  • The Wolf: John Lamb
  • The Steward: Tom Eakin
  • Mysterious Man: Karl Schmidt
  • Cinderella’s Father: Zachary Jones
  • Cinderella’s Mother: Rachel Elliott-Golema
  • Giant’s Wife: Joy Gee
  • Snow White: Rosie Knafl
  • Sleeping Beauty: Maura Doyle