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Hairspray Update

posted: May 2, 2017

Dear Cast of Hairspray:

The Dexter Community Players took a chance on producing “Hairspray”, a show that required diversity, honored differences, and required amazing talent.  You were cast for all of those reasons.  We have worked very hard on casting a show and have found that despite our best efforts and an amazing production staff, many critical cast roles currently remain unfilled.

At auditions we saw an excess of 75 auditions, held 3 nights of casting, and initially cast 47 outstanding and talented people. Unfortunately, we have lost cast members for a variety of reasons and no longer have the cast needed for us to proceed.

We know that many of you will be disappointed.  We too are disappointed.  However, as a Board along with the “Hairspray” Production staff we have exhausted all avenues of securing the needed cast and have come together to make this difficult decision to cancel the show.

We hope you will continue to be part of our organization and we look forward to having you join us for further productions.  Those of you that have already paid show fees will have those returned to you.

We sincerely appreciate you and your gifts and hope to have you be part of our future productions.

The DCP board is currently investigating some other options for an event this summer and we will let you know ASAP what our plans are.

Please respond to this email with any questions or concerns you may have.


Abby Briggs, DCP President
Dina Janda, Producer
Lisa Merte, Director