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posted: November 29, 2017

Hello All-

First and foremost thank you so much for the overwhelming turnout for
auditions. We had over 80 children audition, which for our first ever
children theater production is nothing short of extraordinary! Due to
the huge turn out we have decided to expand the run from 2 to 4 shows!

The shows will be Friday February 9th at 6:30 PM, Saturday February
10th at 2:30 and 6:30 PM and Sunday February 11th @ 2:30 PM.

Our named characters will perform in all 4 shows and our ensemble will
be split into two groups each performing in two shows (one evening and
one matinee). Alice has also been double cast.

Our first meeting is Thursday November 30th at 6 pm at
Copeland Theater. More details will be provided then.

Again, thank you and welcome to the DCP family!

—Abby Briggs (DCP President) and Samantha Kempf (Director)

The cast with named roles who will be performing in all 4 shows are…

Alice #1- Abigail Moraschineli
Alice #2- Bree Seefeld
White Rabbit- Spencer Briggs
Mouse- Emma McHugh
Mock Turtle- Haila Moazami
Lory- Anna Franklin
DoDo- Madisyn Caldwell
Red Queen- Haylee Seefeld
White Queen- Kathleen Roleson
Ace of Hearts #1- Abbi Kempf
Ace of Hearts #2- Vivian Briggs
Knave of Hearts- Sorian Rapson
Queen of Hearts- Emma Hutchinson
King of Hearts- Phineas Moazami
Caterpillar- J.P. Owens
Fish Footman- Kate Ganas
Frog Footman- Charlotte Tierney
Dutchess- Claudia Vanover
Cook- Jocelyn Champagne
Cheshire Cat- Adam DeGregorio
Tweedle Dee- Alana Bilakos
Tweedle Dum- Lydia McMichael
Mad Hatter- Gabby Theis
March Hare- Sam VanHise
Door mouse- Megan Kempf
Humpty Dumpty- Dexter Krueger
Rose- Emily Root
Lily- Kera Root
Daisy- Ashlee Root
Knight- Alex Anderson

Ensemble A who will perform Friday at 6:30 and Saturday at 2:30 are as follows:

Ensemble A Leaders:
Kate Parachek
Paige Sayler
Alyssa Gullekson
Jacob Miller
Hannah McComas

Ensemble A:
Cassidy McElroy
Flora McElroy
Avery Meloche
Haylee Meloche
Evelyn Weiszhaar
Emily Weiszhaar
Cecelia Patierno
Lourdes Patierno
Aubrey Hampstead
Keagan Hampstead
Megan Christopher
Moira Bingham
Skyler O’Clair
Grace Walter
Andrew McFarland
Avery O’Clair
Annabell Dettling
Alice Hayward
Grace McClellan
Alex Brassow
Raiden Kipfmiller
Sarah Glover
Kate Haidl

Ensemble B who will perform Saturday at 6:30 and Sunday at 2:30 are as follows:

Ensemble B Leaders:
Arion Sunstrum
Aryn Weiss
Olivia Teachout
Evelyn Vrsek
Emily Goodnoe
Isabella Francuck

Ensemble B:
Bethany Simons
Madelynn Simons
Lily Simons
Avery House
Sawyer House
Owen Gibson
Claire Gibson
Ben Lippens
Henry Lippens
Lucy LeRoy
Brielle Green
Brooke Ganas
River Beach
Macy Bess
Carolyn Hutchinson
Lily Machniak
Emily Prall
Georgia Dyson
Alyssa Robertson
Mya Weiss
Alex Trisdale
Bridget Kerber
Alyvia Foresi