Rocky Horror November 2-3 & 9-10


Directed by
Barbara Danner

Musical Direction by
Brandon Waldenmeyer

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Performances at
Copeland Auditorium
7714 Ann Arbor St
Dexter, MI

Since Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show first appeared at the Royal Court Theatre in June 1973, audiences of both the stage show and the movie have been following sweethearts Brad and Janet on their journey from innocence to decadence for 4 decades. The show is funny, energetic, and sexy. Be warned, this show may not be suitable for children.

Audience participation originated in the USA back in the 1970’s for the movie, but made it’s way to the UK a few years later and has become part of the stage show as well. It can be a lot of fun, but believe it or not, there is etiquette to follow.

Audience participation should always be complementary to the show, never just shouting out lines for the hell of it.

It is very bad form to throw something onto the stage; it could mean canceling the show, which would make a lot of people very sad. Things thrown should be light, harmless, and should never be a liquid. Throw high and away from the stage.

Hundreds of talk-back lines have been used over the decades, and more are created by audiences of every show. There is no definitive Audience Participation script. Just remember, it only works if it’s funny and is complimentary to the show, not if it disrupts the show. It should be noted that many lines that are used at the film screenings don’t translate to the stage productions. Shouting out, “Where’s your neck?” to the narrator only worked when the narrator was Charles Gray. If you come up with something funny enough, you might even make someone in the cast giggle.

Dressing up is optional. Some people like to dress up as characters from the show. Some just like to dress in something outrageous. Some don’t dress up at all. Just about anything goes, but if you wear a three piece suit, you may feel like you stepped into the wrong theatre.

Dancing is not compulsory, but long time fans may find it hard to sit still during the Time Warp. They may get up from their seats for other musical numbers as well, but even a Rocky Horror virgin can dance the Time Warp by following one simple rule: “Do what it says in the song.” Just don’t stray too far from your seat.