Snow White and the Dancing Dwarfs (YOUTH THEATER)

Auditions have been scheduled for our winter youth theater show, Snow White and the Dancing Dwarfs!


Wednesday, November 7, 6:30-8:30pm, Wiley Elementary Cafeteria, 3060 Kensington St, Dexter, MI 48130

Thank you to everyone who auditioned, you all were fabulous!

Callback list:
Snow White- Abby Moraschinelli & Emma Hutchinson

Adam Degregorio
Clara Althoen
Caroline Hutchinson
Dexter Krueger
Dillon Penn
Olivia Fleishans
Vivian & Spencer Briggs

Magic Mirror:
Kendal Nieman
Spencer Briggs

Huntsman/Huntress: Emma Hutchinson

Please note if you did not receive a callback that doesn’t mean you haven’t already been cast in the show. Cast list will be posted by Thursday morning.


Please complete the Audition Form and bring with you to your audition. We will also have copies available during auditions.

Prepare a 16bar cut of any song that comfortably shows vocal range. Also provide sheet music clearly marked (start and stop) for the accompanist.

Dress for movement for the audition and callbacks.

If you audition and receive a callback you must attend the callback date listed.

Final cast list will be posted to the DCP Website & Facebook page after callbacks. Further instructions will also be emailed to the cast.

Rehearsals will be held three days a week.


(Winter Weather permitting…)
Friday Jan 25th 7pm
Saturday Jan 26th 2pm and 7pm
Sunday Jan 27th 2pm


Did you know that Snow White’s Dwarfs are amazing dancers? Come see for yourselves as the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale of Snow White, her evil stepmother, the all-knowing mirror and the handsome (but not-too-brainy) prince, step their way back into your hearts and imagination.


Leads (in order of appearance):

The Magic Mirror- Serves as the Narrator, sassy & comical. (45 lines)

Evil Queen Tempestula- Extremely vain, very evil and dramatic. Snow White’s Stepmother (49 lines)

Snow White- Truly kind and loving towards all people and creatures. Strong will, smart, however she is naïve to the ways of the world, having been imprisoned by her stepmother. (103 lines)

Huntsman- Dashing, obedient, serious demeanor. (27 lines)

Prince Thomas- Handsome & self-absorbed. He is returning from his trip around the world. (27 lines)
Peddler/Witch- The Evil Queen transformed, first as a comb peddler, later as the apple witch. Grandmotherly but still a hint of danger. (32 Lines)

The Seven Dancing Dwarfs:

Waltzie- Waltz Dancer, the leader. Speaks with British accent. (18 lines)

Boots- Western-Line dancer. Loud and pushy. Speaks with southern/Texas accent. (16 lines)

Jiggles/Jig- River dancer, worried & charming. Speaks with Irish accent.  (11 lines)

Tango- Tango/Salsa dancer. Fiery/Passionate. Speaks with a Spanish accent. (9 lines)

Polkie- Polka dancer, strong, very direct. Speaks with German accent. (9 lines)

Tutu- Ballet dancer. Delicate, handsome, fluid movements. Speaks with French accent. (9 lines)

Tapper- Tap dancer. Thoughtful and very sweet. Silent/mute. (Non-Speaking)

Ensemble (Note that the animals of the ensemble follow Snow White everywhere, they will be on stage in all of her scenes. 75% + of whole show. Animals are non-speaking:

Bats, Bear, Blue Bird, Bumblebee, Doe/Stag, Ducks, Fawn, Frog, Fox, Ladybug, Owl, Rabbit, Raccoon, Skunk, Spider, Squirrel

Other Ensemble Characters:

Captain of the Guard

Castle Guards 3-5

If you need further information please email the DCP Board of Directors:

We are looking forward to making our second youth theatre production a mega hit!