Cast List for Hairspray

Cast List for “Hairspray”  Thank you to everyone for auditioning.  We had a record number of auditions with well over 70!  Our first organizational cast meeting will be on Wednesday, April 19th at Bates Elementary School at 7pm.   Calendars will be distributed along with other production materials.  Rehearsals will begin May 1st. This is going to be an amazing show!!!  If you were not cast, please consider working on the production.  We need all of you!!!

Tracey Turnblad - Julia Janda
Amber VonTussle - Laura Chodoroff
Penny Pingleton - Alexis Pratt
Velma VonTussle - Madison Merlanti
Motormouth Maybelle - Mishana Green
Edna Turnblad - Rob Roy
Wilbur Turnblad - Steven Lovill
Corny Collins - Austin Terris
Link Larkin - Aleksander Poponastasopoulos
Seaweed J. Stubbs - Chris Joseph
Harriman F. Spritzer - Dave Chapman
Prison Matron - Abby Briggs
Little Inez - Maria DeMerell
Mr. Pinky - Deric Prieskorn
Prudy Pingleton - Dina Janda
Gym Teacher - LeeAnna Smith
Stage Manager Cory Collins Show - Holly Knick
HS Principal - Rachel Wilder
Mr. Pinky’s “Pinkettes” Danielle Salisbury
Mr. Pinky’s “Pinkettes” Elizabeth Lanni
Corny Collins Show Camera Man - Thomas Egkin

Judine - Gayle Martin
Kamilah - Bihanna Martin
Shayna -  Desirae Nelson

Corny Collins - Black Cast/Negro Day
Adriana Acosta
Patricia Williams
Cory Shorter
Nickolas Brown
Allen Granger
Rodney Rice

Corny Collins Kids “Council”
Joseph Straub
Caleb Straub
Zach Jones
Logan Laftin
Sam Krieg
Erica Grochowski
Francesca Farzalo
Brynn Arnall
Carly Scruggs
Kyra Pazan
Elena Schroeder
Morgan Gratwick

Allison Stewart
Mia Stewart
Spencer Briggs
Vivian Briggs
Adam Degregorio